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Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Fuck! I just fell off from the god damn chair!! And im using the 1st pc in the fucking com lab and everybody goes like... "Whoaaaaaa....." oh fuck! *pai seh* *blush*

okay... nvm... back to my 'story'. Just went to see the bitch and here i am now... back in one piece!

Well... The bitch wasnt that scary tho... even though she might looks abit fuck up with her stares, expression and sort like that... still... she did speak to me nicely... phew....

See... told u guys for damn many times... Everybody Loves Margie.... Muahhahahahahhaaha

and to my god damn fucking jackass 'best fren'! AGAIN!!! I HATE U! :P


Due to the stupid sumatera earthquake... i actually felt the tremors back in my apartment.

I was 'servicing' my face (Pak Pong loves to use dat word whenever i clean my face.. =.='') at that time and i felt my chair starting to shake for awhile... then i was like... "hmm... was it me or the chair?"( Cause i drank quite alot in redbox b4 that)... then i dun bother la... continue with watever i was doing...

Then second time hit... then again... "hmm... i drank too much dy... next time must control(yearite)..." dun bother again and went to take shower... wash face... brush teeth.... ok...done! then theres quick knock at the bathroom door... then my housemate - a young, fresh, cute juicy dude's voice


WTF??!?!! earthquake in Malaysia??? Dun 'pray pray' with me u young boy...

And the first thing he did when i opened the door was shooed me down to lobby together gether with my other housemates. (Did i mention dat im staying with 5 young fresh cute little boys? they are juz 19 or 20 this year *drools*)

It was so fucking boring down at the lobby k... u stare at me i stare at u... this fella shake hand with that fella... that fella shake hand with another fella... and i was like Whoaaa... amazing ppl... they can actually make frens under this kind of environment... Power man....

After 20 mins of waiting... i decided to risk my life by going back to my apartment... i know its stupid to do dat but i juz cant stand anymore!!! it was so god damn boring and pointless! if the fucking building collapse den anyhow it will collapse... u wun save ur life by staying at the lobby!!! So fuck it!! im going up dun give a fucking care!

Suddenly someone grabbed my hand- H(my housemate)

H:"Wei old lady! where do u think u re going??!!!"

Me:"im going up la cant u see?!?! just let go ur hand u little brat."

H:"Hey we cant go up yet! wat if theres really an earthquake?"

Me:"Fuck the earthquake! im off!"

Then i walked off with my lansi look on my face... then he shouted at me again...

H:"Call me if anything ya!!"

Me:" (shrugs) Y? u'll all the way up to save me issit?"

H:" No... then i dun go up.... Hahahahhaha!"

Me:"........ * __ *"

When i was on my bed... relaxing... enjoying the cool air and novel... Mun Hon Called...

MH:" wei sleeping dy?"

Me:" not yet la... y?"

MH:"come and rescue me from my apartment la!! im stuck at the guardhouse n no one is allowed to go back till the bomba comes! and my fucking car is in the basement... *sobs*"

Me:" huh? wat to do with the bomba? ur apartment on fire?"

MH:" Nola just some stupid neighbours reported that they felt the tremors... and here i am... been forced to get up from my sweet dreams and stuck here! Come and rescue me la stop crapping there!"

Me:" Wei i got no fucking idea where ur apartment located at!"

MH:" Just come and i'll direct u to my place!"

Me:" (Sigh) Yes... Boss...."

Sigh... There goes my traggic day... Double Sigh.....


  • At 3:56 PM, Blogger KY said…

    why am i not there when you fall? at least i'll get a good laugh :P

  • At 4:58 PM, Anonymous lynn said…

    KY : Eh you a bit the mean right? I tell u ar... u dun bully my darling ar... or else.....

  • At 5:46 PM, Blogger Goddess_MeG said…

    Ky im not gonna tok to u anymore :P blerrkkkk


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