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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Tuesday Morning

I wanted to type 'Monday Morning' as my title den onie i realised dat today is tuesday! Well... nothing to be surprised of... This is the result of skipping classes alwez which makes u lost contact with the real world! Its Tuesday!!!! Wake up Meg its already Tuesday!!!

Remember someone told me once: treats everyday as if its sunday... takes everythings easy and solve every problems in a happy mood... coz its SUNDAY

Everyday is Sunday... how i wish...

Everything can be solved... how i wish...

Missing my dear sis when i was on the way driving back to Sunway... she used to yell and scream at me whenever i drive fast... she alwez goes like:

"This is a 4 wheel drives!! u r not suppose to go more than 100km/ph!!! but look at u!! its gonna be 140km/ph! I warn u! Slow down for godness sake!!!!!!"

What's my respond u asked? hahahhaa... laughed and drove even more faster! Thats the only way u can actually pissed someone off :P God.. im mean! hahaha

Gosh... miss her badly... when can i see her again? is she missing me as much as i misses her? god knows...

Anyway... gotta ciao for class..

Fuck tuesday... its boring...

or should i say EVERYDAYS = A BORING DAY... hmmm


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